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  • 1,800,000 m² of industrial Plots to rent, ranging between 2,500 up to 20,000 m² with the possibility of combining several plots.
    • Custom built facilities
    • Workshops and Hangars to rent.
  • Long-term renewable lease.
    • High Quality Infrastructure
            o     Reliable electricity and water.
            o     Roads network ranging from 20 to 40 m width, all paved and lit.
            o     Sewer and sanitation networks, (WWTP).
            o     Attractive landscaping.
            o     Advanced Telecom & Data Network.
    • Warehousing spaces. 
    • High Security and Safety Systems. 
    • Dedicated Civil Defense Station. 
    • One stop shop applications and procedures.
  •  Green Area to maintain the ecological balance
  • Ancillary Services that covers:Transportation, Banking, Insurance, Cleaning, property management, and Catering.    In addition the park will be offering a modern business complex that provides business centers, Motel, Restaurants, and Conferences Facilities.
  • integrated service center for businessmen that consists of business offices and meeting rooms.