KADDB Industrial park, JIC cooperation

Chairman Jordan Investment Commission (JIC), Dr. Khaled Wazani, visited KADDB industrial Park (KIP); the visit aim to discuss the existing investments and identifying proposals for developing new projects, the meeting was attended by King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau and KADDB Investment Group CEO, Mr. Mazen Kawar, General Manager of KADDB Industrial Park, Muhannad Sheqem, and investment companies in the group.

 Chairman of the Jordan Investment Commission (JIC), Khaled Wazzani, confirmed that the Investment Commission is keen to follow up on existing investment projects in the Kingdom. To learn about the nature of investment and the proposals made by investors to develop, enable and expand their investments.

During the meeting, KADDB Industrial Park General Manager, Engineer Muhannad Sheqem, gave a brief presentation about KADDB industrial Park and its role in providing an attractive and safe environment in the heart of the Middle East that attracts investors concerned with the defense industries and the supportive industries, the aspirations of KADDB Investment Group to enhance cooperation with the Commission. And to represent it in international forums, and work to overcome all challenges that will contribute to attracting more qualitative investments to KADDB industrial park as a specializing free zone in defense, military and supportive industries.
On the sidelines of the visit, a field tour was conducted on many of the existing investments in KADDB industrial Park.